About the Artist

Opposing influences in my life have defined how I see beauty, and how I create beauty with my hands. My artistic eye and passion for making things are rooted in my childhood. I grew up living in a remote log cabin without electricity or hot running water that my parents built in northeastern Washington State. My father is a luthier and while he built acoustic guitars, harps, mandolins, and dulcimers, I spent hours by his side carving and sanding exotic woods, studying the grain and texture in Flamed Maple versus Birdseye Maple, Rosewood and Koa. I learned technical skill and precision etching and peining bronze and silver, chiseling, soldering, sawing, and trying my hand at scrimshaw. My mother gave me her eye for color and taught me the love of fiber and textile arts: how to card and spin wool, braid, embroider and knit. Making things by hand was part of our family’s daily life, and we took pride in putting beauty into what we made.

As an adult I have spent my life in dense urban environments: 6 years in New York City, 6 months in London, and 14 years in San Francisco where I now live. Living in the city I find beauty in things far removed from mountain life – industrial, angular, sleek, gritty, gleaming. Layers of these varied experiences can be seen in my work: many of the pieces I create blend traditional styling and techniques with a modern urban aesthetic. 

Willow Schrager

Willow Schrager

I hand make every piece of jewelry that I sell. I love the creative process of designing, the problem-solving required to execute my designs the way I have imagined them, and the meditative focus required for crafting with precise and meticulous detail to create a wearable piece of art.

My passion for working with my hands and love of fine detail has expressed itself in many other ways throughout my life. Outside of jewelry, one of my favorite artistic mediums is paper. Some examples of my paper creations are in the pictures to the right.

Why 92?

Simple – 92 is my lucky number!